Webster Apartments Application for Housing - Summer Booking Application

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Reservations for the Summer/Fall Intern Housing Program are made in block weeks for both arrivals and departures. You will be billed for the entire week of your block weeks and may arrive/depart any day during your reserved block week.  


In the following section, please choose:

  • Your Check-In Block Week and your approximate Check-In Date within that block week. 
  • Your approximate Checkout Block Week and Checkout Date within that block week.


Note: You are not obligated to arrive/depart on the approximate check-in/checkout dates you choose within the Block Weeks. These approximate dates are for internal purposes only. 

Please make sure that your check-in date is within the block week you have selected above.

Please make sure that your check-out date is within the block week you have selected above.

Flat rate of $225 from May – September 2020. See website for full details.

2 Education

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3 Internship Details

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For paid internships, payment details and frequency will be verified per your Internship Offer Letter.

Please calculate your gross annual salary in USD before taxes.

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  • Emergency Contact Consent to Release Information: In the event of a medical emergency, I authorize The Webster Apartments to release my medical contact information to health care providers as it may in their professional judgment be necessary to provide for my medical care. By signing this form, I understand and agree that I voluntarily release this emergency contact information. Further, I acknowledge that I am responsible for providing any updated emergency contact information to The Webster Apartments. This is a consent to release emergency contact information only. If you wish health care providers to have access to information regarding your directives or power of attorney or any other critical information, it is advised that you keep that information available in an emergency packet in your room or that you have such information on file with The Webster Apartments.

5 Document Upload

To apply, all applicants—both workers and interns - must upload the required supplemental documents listed below:

  1. Government Issued ID (ie: Passport)
  2. Employment Verification(s) (Click HERE for examples of accepted documents)

Please name your file in the format: Last Name, First Initial -ID

Please enter in the format: Last Name, First Initial - Verification

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