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MB 102 is focused on how to implement modern band in typical classrooms, with large numbers of students and diverse needs.  Topics include using Modern Band charts, putting together multiple instruments at once, and intermediate musical skill building including a special focus on composition and improvisation.  Participants will learn to use a single progression to play multiple styles and songs, including how to use current popular hits for important musical skills such as active listening, ear training, scaffolding, approximation, and arranging for MB.
Introduction to Modern (MB 101) is a hands on workshop which serves as an introduction to Modern Band and the Music as a Second Language pedagogy. This session covers the basic core values of Little Kids Rock; how we teach improvisation and composition by getting our students into a comfort zone. We do that by using student centered instruction, approximation, and scaffolding. These are all basic tenets of Music as a Second Language. Participants are introduced to the instruments of Modern Band and will learn the basics of guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals, bass, and technology. Participants will also use their new musical skills to compose and perform an original song. 

During this instrument repair professional development, teachers will learn how to make basic repairs to their modern band instruments such as guitar/bass string changing, electric guitar pickup repair, split guitar body repair, changing drumheads, and more. Teachers are asked to bring any broken acoustic and/or electric guitars for this PD.

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