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Before starting your application form please read the following Guidance Notes and the accompanying FAQ’s that can be found on our website. 

What are Aspirational Awards?

Aspirational Awards aim to support care experienced young people aged 21-26 to think big about the future and allow you to apply for funding which will support your personal development, achieve your potential and reach as high as possible in life.

What do we mean by ‘aspirational’?

We understand that aspiration can mean different things to different people and that everyone has their own aspirations.

However, we believe that an aspirational idea must be based on these principles:

·         An ambition or dream which will create a long-term impact on your life

·         Something which will help you achieve a long-term goal

This could be something that you have been working towards over a long period of time (and would have proof of doing so).

Who can apply?     

This funding is open to young people aged 21-26 with at least three months of care experience.

What do we mean by care experience?          

People who have experience in any of the following types of care:

·         looked after at home (e.g. supervision order)

·         foster care

·         residential care

·         secure care

·         looked after through Kinship care (by other family/friends)

What will the Trust fund?

The Aspirational Awards funding is flexible and is designed to meet the specific needs of individual people. Applications will be assessed on their own merit, however below is some guidance as to what we would be looking for:

We will fund applications which are…

ü  Likely to have a long-term, positive impact on your life

ü  Will support you to achieve your aspirations in life

ü  The next step towards something which you have already made progress towards achieving

ü  Will help you to gain skills which will be useful in the future


To give you some ideas, you might want to build on interests you already have, for example in sports, arts, drama, dance or music. You might like to learn a language so you can volunteer or work abroad, or you might be interested in an internship opportunity to get your foot in the door of a particular industry. Aspirational Awards could also help with something like getting a particular qualification or starting your own business.


These are just examples though – we want to know what you are passionate about and what you would like to achieve.

What we won’t fund…

x      Anything which is unlikely to have a long-term impact on your life (short-break holidays, basic living costs)

x      Anything which should be provided by a statutory body - that is, funding which Local Authorities have a duty to provide (crisis loan, basic university bursary)

x      Body alterations (tattoos, cosmetic surgery)

x      Repayment of debt

x      Material possessions with no aspirational purpose (I-pad, new phone)

x      We’re also unlikely to fund driving lessons

If you are unsure if your idea fits with Aspirational Awards, please contact us (details on following page).

Completing and returning the form

When should I apply?
The application form will be made available on Monday 29 October 2018.

Completed forms must be received no later than midnight on Sunday 9 December 2018.

We encourage applicants to contact us to discuss your idea before making a full      application.
How can I apply?

Please fill in this form electronically. 

If you would rather complete a video application or be sent a word version of this form then please get in touch by emailing

What happens to your application after you submit it?

All applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their application. The Life Changes Trust will carry out initial checks on the applications. If any information is missing we may contact applicants for further details.

Applications will be assessed during June 2018. The final decision regarding the outcome of applications will be made in July 2018. 

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application towards the end of July 2018.

Successful applicants will then need to provide references and payment information before funding is released. 

Any questions, or if you would like any support or advice before completing your application please get in touch with the Trust by:

Contact the Trust by emailing or call us on 0141 212 9611. 

Section A: Personal Details

This Section is for internal use only and will not be taken into consideration as part of the assessment process. Please make sure to give us your contact details so that we can let you know the outcome of your application.

(A disability is something that can be a physical or mental condition which affects your day to day life.
It can take many forms e.g. needing to use a wheelchair, having a long term illness, severe asthma, dyslexia, epilepsy, ME, depression or anxiety)

Please provide details of the following, where applicable, or write "not applicable":

Section B: Your Application

This section asks all about what you are applying for. Here are a few points to think about before you start:

·         Please read all of the questions before beginning. 

·         Try to answer all the questions if possible.

·         Look out for word counts on some of the questions.

·         If you would rather use bullet points to answer the questions then please feel free to do so.


1.    Please tell us about your life right now and what you plan to do in the future. 
When answering this question, please consider explaining the following points: 
·         What do you currently do (e.g. working or studying)? 
·         What are your main interests/hobbies? 
·         Where do you see yourself in three-to-five years’ time? 
(Minimum word count: 200 words, Maximum word count: 500 words) 
2.    What is it you are applying for and what do you want to achieve? 

When answering this question, please consider explaining the following points:

·         what your aspiration is;

·         what you plan to use a funding award to do;

·   how what you are applying for will support you on the path to achieving your aspiration;

·   please provide a rough breakdown of costs included in your application (e.g. estimated costs of equipment, course fees, travel, etc.)

(Minimum word count: 200 words, Maximum word count: 500 words)

3.    Why is this aspirational to you? 

When answering this question, please consider explaining the following points:

·         Why is it that you want to achieve what you are applying for?

·         What inspired you to apply?

(Minimum word count: 200 words, Maximum word count: 500 words)

4.  What have you already done to try and achieve this? 

When answering this question, please consider the following points:

·         Have you applied for other grants in the past?

·         Have you looked into other options to achieve your aspiration?

·         If you’ve had the opportunity, have you invested any of your own time or money into helping you achieve this already?

(Minimum word count 50 words, maximum word count 500)

5.    How will achieving this continue to benefit you in the future? 

When answering this question, please consider the following points:

·         How will this be useful to you?

·         What will the positive, long-term benefits be to you?

·         What will achieving this enable you to do that you couldn’t do without it?

(Minimum word count 50 words, maximum word count 250)

6. If successful, what are your next steps?  

     Please remember that you can use bullet points in your answer if needed.

When answering this question, please consider the following points:

·         What would be your plan of action if you are successful and awarded a grant?

·         What is the rough timescale for starting and achieving your next steps?

For this question we would encourage you to put in as much detail as possible, particularly if you are applying for a larger sum of funding.

(Minimum word count 100 words, maximum word count 200).

7. If applying for business start-up costs, have you attached a business plan?
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7. Is there anything additional we can do to support you to achieve your aspiration? E.g. signposting you to other agencies, etc.  
8If unsuccessful, what are your next steps? 
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When answering this question, please consider the following:

·         What would you try next?

·         Are there other options you could explore?

(Minimum word count 50 words)


If your application is successful we will need two, different references to support your application:

1.    Experience of Care Reference: the first reference should be somebody who can confirm your experience of care, e.g. a social worker; an advocate; foster carer.

2.    Character Reference: the second reference should be a character reference from somebody who knows you well, e.g. a teacher, lecturer, family member, sports coach etc. but not your best friend.

Please include below contact details (email address and telephone number) for the two people you would like to act as a reference if your application is successful:

Experience of Care Reference (Someone who can confirm your experience of care)

Character Reference (Someone who knows you well personally)

Your Information

What happens to the information in this application once you submit it?

The Life Changes Trust keeps all the information you’ve provided private and secure. In order to keep track of how many applications we have received, we are planning on keeping this information for the length of the Aspirational Awards initiative (currently planned to end in 2019).

We will not share any personal, identifiable information about you outwith our organisation. The only information from applications which we may share outwith our organisation is how many applications were received, what types of requests they were, what levels of funding were applied for, and where applications came from. All of these would be totals, and none of this information would be connected to any individual.

Applications are anonymised before they are assessed and decided on at a funding panel, which is scheduled to take place in June 2018.

We may use the personal contact information in this application to:

- Follow up for further information from you

- Offer feedback on your application

- Get in touch with your references

- Let you know the outcome of your application

Data Protection

In keeping with Data Protection laws, the Life Changes Trust will keep all of your personal information private. This information is stored securely and not shared with any third party. You may ask to edit, see a copy of your information, remove consent, or delete your information at any time by contacting or calling 0141 212 9064. A copy of the Trust's GDPR Compliance statement is also available upon request.

The information collected on this form will only be used for the purpose for which it was consented. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

If you have any further questions about how the Trust will treat your information, feel free to contact Celeste Berteau, Senior Insight and Evaluation Officer, for more information.

Email:               Telephone: 07795 965 330

  • I confirm that all information provided on this form is correct at the time of writing.

  • I understand that the Trust may ask for additional information to support this application, including proof of purchase for any items. 

  • I understand I can only be awarded funding once from the Aspirational Awards scheme.

  • I agree to take part in an evaluation (answer questions about the funding) if I am successful, and to provide receipts as proof of spend when requested.

* We can accept an electronic (typed) signature.

Thank you for your application!