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This form must be completed by new members as well as existing members who wish to renew their membership.

Protection of Personal Information Act Statement


ADSA is committed to compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. ADSA keeps personal information of members on secure servers managed by our secretariat. Member information is never sold or provided to third parties. 

Member information is only used for legitimate business of ADSA and to communicate and transact with members and past members of the association.  Any persons receiving communications from ADSA can unsubscribe by return email –

The display of professional practice information for marketing purposes on our website is optional and can be removed or edited on request. Members can at any time edit their personal information by communicating with our secretariat.

Find a Dietitian

Information under “Find a Dietitian” for registered dietitians is available to the public for referral purposes. Should you have any questions with regards to the “Find a Dietitian” search please do so in writing to

ADSA is in the process of revamping the "Find a Dietitian" search on our new website. More details to follow.

Show my contact details on the Find a Dietitian lookup on the ADSA website?


Debit Order Details

Bank Deposit/EFT

For EFT Payments, please use the following:

ABSA Bank Limited

Branch Code: 632 005

Branch Name: Business Commercial West

Account Number: 916 024 3145

Account Type: Savings


Thank you for your ADSA membership application. 

Databases held by our secretariat are not provided or sold to third parties, and are used exclusively for communication between the secretariat and ADSA members.