New Memphis Nomination Form

Nominations are vital to continuing the tradition of excellence in New Memphis programs. The majority of our participants come to us by nomination from friends or colleagues who recognize their fit with our program experiences. Please take a moment to refer a nominee below, or nominate yourself to learn more about New Memphis programs.

Overview of New Memphis Programs

"Welcome to Memphis" - New Memphis rolls out the red carpet for professionals who have relocated within the last two years to help them get acquainted with Memphis, connected to their peers and engaged with opportunities in our city. (Read more here.)

LAUNCH: CAMPUS TO CAREER - Launch is a program that connects college students and recent grads with the networks and professional opportunities that will inspire them to launch meaningful careers in Memphis. Students are invited to free events that offer professional development, an opportunity to meet local employers, and learn about career paths in the Memphis area. (Read more here.)

EMBARK - Embark empowers high performing twenty-somethings to grow as leaders and to build relationships with others ready to make a difference in Memphis. (Read more here.)

FELLOWS - Fellows is a 10-month engagement designed to give high-potential, emerging leaders (avg. age 34) the tools, experiences and connections they need to be a community leader for life. (Read more here.)

LDI - The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) is a highly interactive 3.5 day personal leadership experience designed for seasoned leaders at the top of their game across industry. (Read more here.)

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