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Opportunities Credit Union
Hi, we look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your financial goals. Let's get started by answering the questions below. This form should take no more than 5 minutes and will help your counselor prepare for your session and spend less time writing down information during the session. Before you proceed, please read this client service agreement.

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Are you interested in discussing your debt and credit in your session?

If so, please read this, check off the box below and provide your Social Security Number:
I hereby authorize and instruct Opportunities Credit Union to obtain and review my credit report. Additionally, I authorize Opportunities Credit Union to obtain and review my credit report at additional times within the next 24 months so Opportunities Credit Union, Federation and NTFP and can evaluate the effectiveness of the counseling services and the Pathways program. I understand that Opportunities Credit Union will obtain these credit reports through what are known as “soft pulls” that will not have any adverse effect on my credit history, rating, or score. I understand that records of my credit report(s) and scores will be kept on file by the Pathways program for program evaluation purposes only. 

You will be able to read these again in your session with the counselor.
Only an MSR or other CU staff should enter information in this field.

Need help with this form?

If you have questions regarding the credit union or the financial counseling program, please reach out to the financial counselor directly.

If you have questions regarding technical assistance for this webform, please contact Pathways at