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The SEG Incubator helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into action by providing practical knowledge and skills to plan and launch a business or nonprofit.

Application Process
Applications are accepted at any time during the year, but screening is limited to the month before the application deadline.

We have a two part application process that consists of:
  1. Filling out the application form
  2. A short phone/video interview
Note: Applications are only considered ‘complete’ once the participant submits the form and schedules/completes the short interview

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Please provide a mailing address in case we need to send you course materials.

This does not have an impact on your eligibility for this program.
Venture Questions

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Individual Questions

We track this information because some leaders have historically had less access to capital and resources because of their race/ethnicity and it is part of our mission to change that.

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