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About the Complaint Process
Welcoming America takes certification very seriously. We encourage individuals to bring concerns about noncompliance with the core criteria in the Welcoming Standard directly to the local government to try and resolve any concerns prior to filing a complaint with Welcoming America. Once a complaint is filed, the following steps will be taken: 
  1. Within five (5) business days of receiving the complaint, Welcoming America will notify the complainant and the defendant it has received the complaint. 
  2. Welcoming America will assess the complaint for completeness and may contact the complainant, defendant, and/or stakeholders for additional information or clarification. 
  3. All complaints will be reviewed and investigated by Certified Welcoming staff to determine if the complaint has merit. The Advisory Panel may be consulted. The investigation is expected to be concluded within 90 days of receiving the complaint. 
  4. If a complaint is determined to have merit, the local government will be asked to resolve it through the corrective action process. The local government may receive sanctions during this process, including suspension or decertification.   
For additional information about filing a complaint and/or the complaint resolution process, please see the Standard Operating Procedure or contact Welcoming America at