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Begin typing in the name. Select the University, school, business, museum, non-profit, etc. For example: "UC Berkeley", "Aptos Middle School", "Black Girls Code. Or for Robotics Club: Richmond High School, Girl Scouts, etc If you do not find your institution, just type it fully out in the field above.

For example: Science @Cal, Engineering Club, Biochemistry department, CA Chapter, etc

How do you want your organization's name to be shown on booth signage and map? Note that we will reuse signage of prior years if you are a return exhibitor

This URL will be linked to from the BASF website.

For example: Space Cookies

For example: FRC 1234

Discovery Days Selection
At which Discovery Day are you interested in exhibiting?

Exhibit details

The title should provide attendees an idea what the activity will be about. This may be phrased as a question. Limit to 100 characters. Examples: "Explore the Bay Area's Watershed", "How quickly can you retrain your brain?".

***Your activity description is used to determine the appropriateness for Discovery Day. Please be thorough in your description so we can understand your needs and identify any overlap with other activities. All activities must contain a hands-on/demonstration component to be confirmed.

Estimated length of the activity per attendee. We encourage all activities enage for 3-5 minutes minimum.

We want to make sure you have plenty of time to set up your activity. Most exhibits have taken 2 hours to set up in the past, but we do have the ability to handle longer set-ups if needed.

Please list any unusual (size, weight, risk) items being brought onsite. We want to be prepared to help with any transportation and load-in/out of materials.

Please check all that apply to this particular activity. You will be contacted for additional information as needed

Booth requirements

Please specify any requests or restrictions. This could be relating to sound, lights, height, no tent needed, etc. For example, needing access to a sunny area for solar viewing, an external space to your booth for solar car races, etc. Be as specific as possible so we can place your booth in the proper location.

Wi-Fi needs may impact placement at some sites. If a hard line is required, please specify in the additional comments sections

Do you plan to provide any giveaways?
Please describe any giveaways. including promotional materials, bags, etc. We want to keep the event as green as possible; please do not conduct giveaways unless there is a clear educational/informational value to the attendees.
Additional comments and requests:
Please use this space to describe any additional requirements/special needs./notes about your exhibit. (e.g. Our exhibit should be next to X organization's exhibit). The more you tell us up front, the better we can do to deliver what you need! Fees may apply for special requests.
Oracle Park Fee classification
Summary of fees below. Prices reflect one exhibit space and will help offset venue and equipment rental costs. Additionally groups that host an event, tour or talk at their site (or in the local community) may have Oracle Exhibitor Fees adjusted or discounted, if requested. See our pricing document for complete details.

You will be invoiced following confirmation of entry. If you have any questions regarding our fee structure, please email us at exhibit@bayareasciencefestival.org.

North Bay Discovery Day Fee classification
Summary of fees below. See our pricing document for complete details. You will be invoiced following confirmation of entry. If you have any questions regarding our fee structure, please email us at NorthBayExhibits@bayareasciencefestival.org