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Hello! And thank for your interest in Operation Vetrepreneur. 

The program offers the following:

We welcome any veteran who is serious about starting up and growing a business. Coaching takes place on phone, by email and in-person. A veteran entrepreneur may require only a simple phone conversation, or several contacts as needed. Operation Vetrepreneur may feel you are best served by making contact with one of our subject matter mentors, or with our experienced in-house experts.

Obtaining certification as a veteran business owner can provide you with important opportunities to bid on and win contracts with governmental projects and corporations.  Both the government and corporations have “supplier diversity” mandates, which includes doing business with veteran owned businesses. We provide application support and direction to help you prepare for and navigate the complexities of certification.

Veterans are uniquely positioned to find success as entrepreneurs. Building a company is tough and requires tireless leadership, but it can be lonely. The veterans and active military we work with, from start-up to experienced business owners, learn entrepreneurship in much the same way as they learned skills in the military.

Our 4-week group programs are designed to accelerate progress through your business growth. Using weekly get togethers, participants have the unique opportunity to take a deep dive into Management, Marketing, and Financial Literacy, led by proven experts in the field. Brainstorming a central aspect of our Think Tank Groups.

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