FY19 Regional Touring Program Grant

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Mid America Arts Alliance
The Regional Touring Program is designed to support organizations and artists across the Mid-America Arts Alliance region (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas) in their efforts to engage and deepen the impact of arts programming on regional and underserved audiences through exposure to, interaction with, and outreach created to support a combination of activities. 
For more information please refer to M-AAA's Regional Touring Program website.
This is the Organization's name as it appears on its Federal IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter.
Numbers only.
Numbers only.
This should reflect the organization's most recently completed fiscal year.
Select the Applicant's art practice in general, which may not necessarily be the same as that involved in this project.
Applicant Contact Person Information
Organization's Accessibility Information

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Organizations submitting more than one RTP application should designate funding priority. Organizations can receive three different RTP grants per fiscal year.
Project Accessibility

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Describe both the feature presentation and the outreach activities that will take place between the project start and end dates. A schedule and venue information is required elsewhere in this application. Do not describe unrelated organizational programming.
Briefly describe the process and/or criteria for the selection of the artists and outreach personnel involved in this project.
An organizational partner is an outside entity that will provide resources (other than money) to support the project. Funders are not excluded from being partners, but they must also supply human resources or information capital, or actively participate in the project in some way. Briefly describe the process and criteria for the selection of key organizations that will be involved in the project.
Briefly describe your plans for promoting and publicizing the project. Be specific; name newspapers, radio stations, etc.
Who will benefit from the project and how? Include how the applicant organization, the artist, audiences, and/or organizational partners will benefit. Describe how and which underserved audiences will be included or invited to attend.
How will the success of the project be measured? Describe any plans for program evaluation, working collaboratively with consultants, program evaluators, and/or any other plans for performance measurement related to the project.

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The feature presentation artist CANNOT be from the applicant organization's state.
If the artist is on a regional state arts agency roster, the link to that listing will suffice.

Artist Agent or Lead Contact Person Information
Include a brief professional biography for the artist that might be used in the program or press release for the project.
The outreach artist/personnel CAN be from the applicant's state.
Include a brief professional biography for the outreach personnel that might be used in the program or press release for the project.

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V. Schedule of Activities
This is the venue at which this activity takes place.
Feature Presentation Venue Accessibility
Schedule of Outreach Activities
This is the venue at which this activity takes place.
Outreach Venue Accessibility

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Include information that is relevant to the project described in this grant application.
Round all amounts up to the nearest dollar.
Project Expenses
This should reflect the total amount noted in the feature presentation and outreach activity contracts.
Include compensation for administrative and artistic personnel paid on a salary basis and other contract services directly involved in the activities that will take place between the start and end dates noted.
Project Income
A.) are not presently declared ineligible, or excluded from receiving federal assistance from any federal agency;

B.) do not currently owe a debt to the federal government for outstanding taxes;

C.) have not, within a three-year period preceding this project been convicted of or had a civil judgment rendered against them for commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining or attempting to obtain public funds;

D.) are not presently indicted for or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a government entity with commission of any of the offenses noted above.

By virtue of checking the box below and submitting this form online I, the representative of the applicant, certify that all information contained in this application is true.