Miniature Horse Camp Registration

Welcome to HETRA's Miniature Horse Camp!
This fun and informative camp teaches introductory skills using HETRA‚Äôs lovable miniature horses, Blue and Stormy. Activities include horse safety, grooming, leading, and also a fun craft. 

HETRA's Miniature Horse Camps are designed for the beginner, ages 5-10. 

$50 Current HETRA participant
$60 Public

Camper Information 

If the camper is not an active participant at HETRA, paperwork MUST be filled out at the time of registration.  We cannot hold your spot on the schedule until paperwork and payment have been received.  Below is the link to the paperwork: 
Participants with a diagnosis:
Participants without a diagnosis:

Credit Card Information

A HETRA staff member will contact you within 7 days to confirm your registration.

All NEW Participants and Current Participants with paperwork older than 1 year must complete the HETRA Participant Paperwork before attending. Please fill out the necessary paperwork here:

Thank you!