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***Please allow Marketing 48 hours for processing your request, processing starts once all materials have been received. Some Custom Requests may take longer.

In most instances the requests are fulfilled within, or under, 24 hours. Should this be a Rush Order please make sure Marketing is aware of your desired completion date and we will do our best to accommodate.***

If you need assistance with filling out this form, please contact your appropriate front desk associate and they will be happy to help!

General Information
Please separate emails with a comma and space.
This section only applies to E-Blasts, Brochure/Postcards, Advertising, Custom Requests
i.e. 5/3.5
Limit 250 Characters
Custom Marketing
Listing Presentation
Parameters for the CMA are not accepted, please submit or attach MLS #'s only. Thank you!
Buyer's Guide
Sign Installation
The Company will assist in placing your sign orders in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and where the sign vendor has extended service coverage.  Agents will be invoiced on task completion or subsequent vendor billing. The first 90 days of post rental are included in the initial installation cost. $15.00 post rental fee will be invoiced every 90 days after initial install.
The Sign company does not install on the weekend, please plan accordingly.
*For Lot/Land Agent must go to the site and place flags where sign is to be placed!
The Sign company does not process removals on the weekend, please plan accordingly.
i.e. BlackHawk Country Club
i.e. BlackHawk Country Club
i.e. BlackHawk Country Club
**Specific sign placement request require placing a flag at the property.  Please get that from your front desk.  Orders placed with out instructions are subject to installer placing the sign where they think is best. If installer has to go back out to the location to move sign, agent is subject to a $25 trip charge fee for each occurrence.
GGSIR Hosted Website URL
*Please Note for Property Website** Once edits are made in DASH, which feeds to your property website, it can take up to 8hrs for those to reflect on the website.
**Please only complete if you are requesting staff to purchase a Market Center website.
Property E-Blast
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i.e. 1-4pm
If GGSIR Staff is going to enter the tour, please email your front desk with additional details needed for the tour entry. ie. refreshments, comments, etc.
i.e. Sat & Sun 2/22 & 2/23
i.e. 1-4pm
**One complimentary eblast is sent to the area in which the listing is located.
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*Priority Overnight shipping based on quantity ordered
Property Social Media Image
Social Media Image
i.e. Sat & Sun 2/22 & 2/23
Please email the office associate at your front desk if you would like open house address strips for your listing.
OH Packages include: Photo OHG 4-Line Package, Listing on
*Based on availability, sometimes fills up 6 months in advance

*Because of our current contract, if in total we do not meet at least one full page of reservations, the lone half page will cost the agent $349.00 rather than $299.50
*2 Month shelf life, 6 printed issues per year

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.