Youth Homelessness: What Lawyers Need to Know - 06/22/18

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This training will provide an understanding of youth homelessness (local statistics, causes, experiences of youth), cultural competency for working with youth experiencing homelessness, and an overview of HPRP's Homeless Youth Legal Network pro bono initiative. Attorneys taking the training will need experience in one or more of these areas: child custody, identity theft, consumer debt, name and gender changes, connecting with foster care, or private landlord-tenant law. 
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Please enter all states where you are licensed to practice (including Maryland) and the year and bar number. 

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Experience for this project:  In which of the case types (listed in the drop-down menu) do you have enough experience to take a case without assistance?  For each area you choose, please indicate your years of experience and about how many such cases you’ve handled, and include any comments.

The following question is general in nature.  It helps us understand your broader goals and experience, related to training and pro bono service.
General interest and experience:  In which of these practice areas (listed in the drop-down menu) are you willing to volunteer, OR would you like training, OR do you have experience. Include an area even if you have no experience but are willing to volunteer or would like training. (Add as many as you like.)

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