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PelotonU - Admissions Manager Application
About PelotonU: PelotonU is an innovative social enterprise tackling the college completion crisis for working adults. In short, students who would benefit most from a college degree have the hardest time graduating. That gets even harder when life's full with work and family - then you have a 16% chance, at best, of earning a Bachelor's. For these same students, we've built a path that offers an 80% chance of graduating. 

Your role will help 70-120 working adults enroll or re-enroll in college by joining PelotonU - but beyond that, you'll get to help folks who feel stuck reconnect with post-secondary options that will serve them well, even if it's not PelotonU. This job has your name on it if you're happiest learning someone's story, offering encouragement, and then equipping them with a plan to make their goals happen. When you don't know the answer to a student's question, you'll chase it down for them. You've worked in higher ed before and "speak the language," but you crave an innovative workplace where you can introduce new ideas to better serve students - and you're excited to do this work for at least two years.