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SPI Rising Women Fellowship Eligibility

    -The SPI Fellowship is available to anyone 18 or older identifying as a woman who is currently enrolled as a student or is a recent graduate of a college, university, or technical certificate program (including graduate degree programs as well as installer training programs)
    -Fellowship applicants may be interested in any sector of renewable energy, including academic, manufacturing, technical, consulting, engineering, finance, and others
   - Applicants must be planning to pursue a renewable energy career in the United States and will benefit most if interested in the solar industry specifically.

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Application Materials

Note: if you have questions about what qualifies as documentation please email fellowships@wrisenergy.org 
One Letter of Recommendation REQUIRED
**Letters of Recommendation can be emailed directly to fellowships@wrisenergy.org being sure the Applicant's name is included in the subject line.**

All of these items are due by July 6, 2018 and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Demonstrated interest in renewable energy
• Academic and/or vocational achievement
• Work and volunteer experience
• Potential for future contributions to the U.S. renewable energy community
• Financial need