Project Universe (Beverages)

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watchLAB welcomes you to the online survey for Project Universe!

  • Topic: Beverages
  • Incentive: $125 for focus group + $25 to cover transportation= $150
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 21-27
  • Type of study: On-site
  • Length of study: 90 min Focus Group
  • Dates: Monday, June 18th 
  • Location: Chicago, IL
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The world has Swiss Banks. We have our Online Community. Both are highly confidential and secure -- only with us, you don't have to worry about retina scans and fingerprints. Any information you share with watchLAB will never be given to any clients or third parties without your explicit permission as part of a paid market research study. 

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How often do you currently purchase or consume the following snacks? 
Always Very Often Sometimes Rarely or Never
You mentioned you purchase/consume candy products, how much do you enjoy each of the following types of candy?
Enjoy Very Much Somewhat Enjoy Neither Enjoy or Do Not Enjoy Somewhat Do Not Enjoy Do Not Enjoy At All