Mel King Institute Certificate Program Application

The Mel King Institute Certificate offers a new way to engage with our programming through a more comprehensive experience. By taking existing MKI courses, this program provides an overview of the basic skills, knowledge, and values that underlie the work of community development in Massachusetts. Graduates will be equipped with an understanding to think broadly about the needs of communities, the historic and current racism that perpetuates inequalities and the tool to address community needs through analogizing data, engaging residents, economic development, infrastructure development and more.  

Personal and Professional Information

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*MKI Learning Areas: Community Organizing and Planning, Nonprofit Management, Economic Development, Real Estate Development 

The Cohort Experience
As a part of the certificate program, you will be a part of a small cohort that meets periodically. This will be an opportunity to network and learn from other community development professionals. The conversations will largely be driven by your interests.

More About You

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