Foodbank Victoria Charity Partner: Expression of Interest

Completing this information about your organisation's food relief activities helps us to understand the food insecurity issues in your area, assess your organisation's food program needs and collaborate with you to respond to your needs and needs of the community that you assist.
Section 1: Organisational Information 

Foodbank Victoria requires registered charity partners to be registered charity organisations. If you would like any further information, please contact our Community Team at
Section 2: Contact Details

Please advise the details for the Manager / Coordinator of your food relief program:
Please note this will be the person who we contact if there are any problems regarding food ordering/pickup delivery

Please provide the details for a secondary contact for your food relief program:
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Section 3: About your Food Relief Program
Please provide details about your food relief program and any other services you provide for your community.

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Section 4: Terms & Conditions
Please ensure you have read Foodbank Victoria's Terms & Conditions before submitting this form