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Teen Advisory Councils (Part 1 and 2)


Do you want to really engage your teens while helping them to become future leaders? Starting a Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a great way to do both! TAC involvement allows teens to become your partners in designing, planning and implementing programs and often leads to stronger youth engagement and higher program participation and attendance. In this captivating two part hands-on training, you'll learn how to create, run and sustain a fun and effective TAC that will strengthen your community and provide numerous benefits for both teens and adults. 


Please note: Only afterschool practitioners working with middle school youth should register for this training.


Core Competencies Addressed

Core Knowledge Area - Program Planning and Development:

3. B15: Work effectively with advisory groups.

Core Knowledge Area - Interaction with Children/Youth:

5. C: Promote positive expression, interaction and group experiences between adults and youth - Level 3.

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