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2020-21 Active RVA Workplace Certification Application
Information about the application
How to Use This Application
Applying to be an Active RVA-Certified Workplace is easy. Here are some tips:
  • No two companies are the same and so no two companies will have the same physical activity programs.Tell us how your company has worked to support your community and don't worry about how you compare to others.
  • Use this application as a jumping off point! The initiatives and programs we ask about could spur you to try new things at your workplace. As you review the application, consider how you can start experimenting with the programs we reference.
  • Be as specific as you can in your answers. We love to see real life stories of workplaces-in-motion!
  • Don't sweat every detail. The key thing is to complete the application and we'll work with you from there!

How We Use This Application
  • This is not a test! Your answers to our application give us a window into your workplace's programs and context but we don't rule anyone out based on an answer to any one question.

  • Questions are welcome! Contact us at any time if we can help you with this application OR help you plan new and improved programs for your workplace.
General Information

Company Information

Sharing ideas


On-Site Programs & Workplace Culture

Off-Site Programs

Infrastructure and Policies

Leadership and Tracking

Last Thoughts, Sum It Up!


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