What you need to know before you book a session


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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is expected from the organisers?  


We expect any events that we support to be well publicised and open to anyone, especially to EU27 citizens interested in attending. For this reason, we would like you to provide the details of the platforms used to publicise the event. 


2. Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants required?  


We want to reach as many EU citizens as possible and so – in general –we would like to participate in events that have at least 40 participants registered to attend. There is no upper limit on the number of EU citizens that can attend.  


3. Who will organise the location and schedule of the event, invite guests?  


You will organise and book the venue of the event and manage the logistics of holding the event, invite participants and guests. Our participation will be fully funded by the European Commission and therefore we will be responsible for our time and our expenses to attend the info-session.   


4. When and where do you provide solicitors?  


We are able to participate in events anywhere in the UK. We will adapt to your schedule and therefore can participate in a day or an evening event. To ensure that we are available and able to be there with you at your preferred time and date, we require at least 14 calendar days' notice prior to the scheduled event.  


5. Is there a limit on the number of events you can attend?  


Our aim is to ensure that this service is available throughout the Brexit process (including the transition period), however, this part of the service runs until 29 March 2019. Therefore, your booking must be made before 15 March 2019. There is a limit on the number of events that we will attend so our participation is on a first come, first served basis.


6. Who covers the solicitor's costs? 


The costs of the solicitor's participation are covered by the European Commission.  


7. How can the solicitor be booked? 


To book the participation of a solicitor please, return complete an online form at www.eurights.uk. If you experience any issues, please email laura@lawcentres.org.uk.


Background about the Info-sessions on EU citizens' rights 


The result of the referendum on the United Kingdom’s EU membership has created uncertainty in the lives of EU27 citizens in the UK. Many have been asking questions about the application of EU law, what their EU rights are now and what they are going to be in the future. The contents of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement are not well-known by EU citizens in the UK. Local community and diaspora organisations, charities and volunteers play a key role in providing information to EU27 citizens and many such organisations hold information sessions for their members.  


The European Commission Representation in the UK would like to support this effort by offering contracted solicitors, through the Law Centres Network, to attend your forthcoming events on EU citizens' rights. The solicitors will be available, for free, to provide impartial, politically neutral information on EU citizens’ rights and the European Parliament elections, and be available to participate in question and answer sessions. They can provide general information, but they can also tailor the information to the interests of your particular locality or group, including through professional interpreters in the language of your client group.  


Our aim is to inform EU citizens about their current EU rights, their rights after Brexit, and details about the ‘settled status' process. We would like to provide general reassurance that EU citizens residing lawfully in the UK prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the UK will have their rights protected.