Fiscal Sponsorship Pre-Application Inquiry Form

Fiscal sponsorship allows organizations to do things differently. Propel Nonprofits' fiscal sponsorship program works with a wide range of charitable projects as they develop innovative responses to unmet community needs. We provide ongoing training and support to help your organization get off to the best start possible.


If you are interested in exploring fiscal sponsorship with Propel Nonprofits, please click Submit below to begin the pre-application eligibility questionnaire*.

If you need more information about our program, please visit our webpage.

*Please note: this is not an application for sponsorship. Applications are provided on an invitation only basis based on this form and further conversations with Propel staff.

Projects engaged in the following activities are ineligible for sponsorship:
  • Designed primarily to benefit an individual or business (non-charitable)
  • International activities involving financial transactions 
  • Raising funds through charitable gambling
  • Mental health care, medical services, personal care, or childcare as a core service
  • Those that require exceptional governmental oversight and licensing 

We're sorry, but you are not eligible for Propel Nonprofits' Fiscal Sponsorship program at this time as you do not meet one or more of our basic criteria for sponsorship:
  • Located in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin, although some programming can occur outside of those state
  • Will apply funds raised toward nonprofit purposes with a clear charitable mission
  • Statement of Intent aligns with Propel Nonprofits mission, vision, and values
  • Willing to incorporate or have an unincorporated association agreement and secure an EIN
  • Has a plan to achieve financial viability and programmatic success
To inquire about starting your own nonprofit, please find our referral list here.

Congratulations! You have met our basic eligibility requirements. Please click Next Page below to complete our inquiry form.

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