Zimmer Museum Volunteer Application

To help us get to know you better, please fill out the below! Once you complete the first page, you can sign up for orientation dates on the next page. 
Contact Information
Let us know how we can get in touch with you! We also request a birthdate to verify that you meet the age requirement of 16. 
Birth Year
Volunteer Interests
Before filling out your preference, please take a look at all of the various Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Availability & Preference
10-12pm 11-1pm 12-2pm 1-3pm 2-4pm 3-5pm
12-2pm 1-3pm 2-4pm
Skills and Experience
Education Level
Career Background
We are looking for a diverse group of volunteers with a broad range of skills. If you can please share with us your current or most recent employment. 
Please provide at least one name and phone number/email of a reference other than immediate family members (for example: peer, employer, teacher, etc.)

   First and Last Name                Home Phone: Cell Phone: Relationship:
Emergency Contact

Agreement and Certification

I certify that the responses given by me for the foregoing questions and statements are true and without omission. I authorize The Zimmer Children’s Museum by ShareWell to investigate background information, verify the foregoing information, and any information that may assist them in determining my qualification for volunteering. If upon investigation, anything contained in this application is found to be untrue, I release The Zimmer Children’s Museum by ShareWell, my former employers and all others from liability damage. I understand that my volunteer status may be terminated at will at any time and for any reason including, but not limited to, for example, failure to comply with the policies and procedures of the The Zimmer Children’s Museum by ShareWell such as, absences without notification, reasons of unsatisfactory attitude, work, or appearance, and or for any other circumstances with in the judgment of the The Zimmer Children’s Museum by ShareWell would make my continued services as a volunteer contrary to their best interests. I hereby acknowledge and agree to comply to set policies and procedure.

Orientation Sign-Up

We will not be hosting orientations until the new museum site opens.

If you continue and wish to submit your application, your information will be recorded and saved. You will then be put on an emailing list where we will notify you regarding any new upcoming orientations.