2018-2019 Year Round Club Affiliation

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Swim Alberta

Club Affiliation must be completed on or before 31 October 2018.

Terms and Conditions

Club Information
This information will be used for general correspondence and will be posted on the Swim Alberta website.

No Website - Use N/A
Incorporation Documents
The following is required for incorporated clubs to complete the 2018-2019 Swim Alberta Club Affiliation:
  1. A copy of the club's Bylaws
  2. A copy of the club's annual return filed with Service Alberta and/or Service Canada
  3. A copy of the club's financial statements

These documents must be received by Swim Alberta in order to finalize affiliation.

They can be submitted electronically within this form or faxed to the office at 780-415-1788.

Thank you.

Incorporation Status Change Message
The affiliation process cannot be continued at this time.  Please contact the Swim Alberta office, 780-415-1780, regarding your club's incorporation status.  Thank you.
By 30 October 2020 all clubs must provide proof of the following Policies, as adopted by the Club Board of Directors.  Indicate below the status of the following policies.
Club Directors
Please note:  Do NOT include staff members who are not club directors.  Only listed club directors are covered by the Swim Alberta Directors and Officers Liability insurance.  Any changes to these positions throughout the season, must be submitted to Swim Alberta.
Personal information for Board members is required to be covered by the D & O insurance.
Staff/Volunteer List

Please list your head coach, office manager (if applicable), and other staff.
Database Access
Waiver forms are required prior to access being granted to the Swimming Canada National Registration database.  Access is available for Club Registrars, Club Officials Administrators, Treasurers, and Team Managers.

Fillable PDF waiver forms will be emailed directly to the persons named below.

Swim-A-Thon is a voluntary fundraising program offered by Swimming Canada to non-profit year round clubs.  Information will be distributed to the club president and contact person listed below in the autumn.
Fee Payment