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Please upload a single document containing as much of the following as is available:
  • A Concise Cover Letter containing a short description of the book, why it feels necessary to write it, how it relates to Conscious Capitalism, and a short statement of your authority to write the book.
  • A Summary or Synopsis, including a chapter-by-chapter outline if available.
  • Sample Writing, ideally from the opening of the book (up to three chapters or 50 pages).


Once you click submit, you'll receive an email notification that your submission has been received. Within two weeks of your submission, a staff editor will prepare and send to you a short analysis of your submission materials that will assess areas such as the idea for the book, your topic's relation to Conscious Capitalism (and our tenets and credo), the quality of the writing, your ability to hold the reader's attention, obstacles in the reading experience, and others. 

Included in the assessment will be a recommendation to the Publisher (Corey Blake) and the CEO of Conscious Capitalism (Alexander McCobin) to either approve your book to move towards a publishing agreement; to approve your book with writing/editing/revision requirements; or to notify the applicant that the book does not yet meet our requirements. If the book requires additional writing/editing/revision or does not yet meet our requirements, the staff editor will offer recommendations in your assessment on what you can do to bring the book into alignment with CC Press, including CC Press partners you can utilize for support should you choose to do so.

We look forward to learning about your book!
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Processing Fee - $250