Online Application Guide

Step 1: Accomplishing the Application form

There are three information fields in the application form, namely: Personal Information, Academic Background, and Employment History. 

 The following documents need to be uploaded for you to finalize your application:

1.      Latest Curriculum Vitae

2.      Transcript of Academic Records

3.      Valid ID (preferably passport)

4.      Professional Recommendation (for employed applicants) or certificate of business

         registration (for business owners)

5.      AIM Admissions Test, GMAT, or GRE Score Report

6.      IELTS or TOEFL for non-English speaking countries.

Step 2: Payment of Application Fee

A fee of USD 100 is required for your application and the AIM Admission test. Instructions for payment are found at the end of this form.

Step 3: Confirmation of Receipt

A notice of confirmation will be sent to your email. Please feel free to email or call us for your questions at emdrcm@aim.edu or +632 8892-4011 local 1605 or 1854 .

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