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Workman Publishing Co-op Advertising Policy

Co-op Advertising: Accounts that elect a co-op pool earn 2.5% of the net billing for the prior year for books purchased either directly from the publisher or indirectly from the distributors; they may not be combined. All Workman Publishing imprints’ books combine for this pool. Excludes calendars. Stores must claim co-op within 12 months of the promotion.

Author Appearances/Authorless Events/Newsletters:

A Workman sales representative must approve all programs outlined below.

For author appearances, up to $150 may be used for each author scheduled by the Workman Publishing Publicity Department, with a minimum supporting order of 25 copies.

For authorless events, up to $75 may be used toward a Workman Publishing book promotion at which the author doesn’t appear, with a minimum supporting order of 10 copies.

Stores may claim more than the above amounts for author events and authorless events, provided the account’s coop pool has sufficient funds to cover the additional amount.

For store newsletters featuring a photo of the book jacket and/or an author photo, retailers may claim up to $50 per title, limited to 5 titles per season, with a minimum supporting order of 10 copies per title. Such promotions must be supported with a two-week in-store feature display of advertised titles. 

The terms stated herein may not be modified by contrary, different, or additional terms contained in a customer’s purchase order or other purchase confirmation or advice.

Workman Publishing Co., Inc. reserves the right to change its discount, returns, and co‑op policies at any time.

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