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OneStar Foundation has defined the program contact and staff roles below. Programs have the ultimate responsibility to determine the appropriate staff person for each role, as well as to monitor the actions and decisions of the staff in those roles. A person may hold more than one role.


Legal Authorized Signatory

Organizations must designate one Legal Authorized Signatory for this grant. This person is listed on the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) as the person who is legally authorized to enter into the agreement on behalf of your organization. 

Primary Program Contact

Organizations must select one primary contact person who will serve as the main contact for the grant.  This person will interact with OneStar on an ongoing basis and will be responsible for ensuring that the organization is responsive to requests and kept informed of any updates and/or changes from OneStar. Any communication related to this grant will always be communicated, at minimum, to the primary program contact.

Primary Fiscal Contact

Organizations must select one primary contact person who will serve as the main fiscal contact for this grant.  This contact should be the person who OneStar should contact regarding any issues with reimbursements, financial reports, or other fiscal related issues (such as fiscal monitoring). OneStar will copy the Primary Program Contact on any initial requests for information or issues with reimbursements to ensure clear communication.

Secondary Contact(s) – Program or Fiscal

Organizations may select additional program or fiscal contacts for the grant. These are most likely other staff that work on the program and would be applicable to receive updates from OneStar regarding the AmeriCorps program.

Pre-Award Contact or Grant Manager

Organizations may designate a Pre-Award Contact or Grant Manager for this program. This will most likely be a staff member who is involved in writing the AmeriCorps Grant, responsible for clarification, negotiation, and/or receiving the Terms and Conditions for review. This person would most likely not be involved in the day-to-day administration of the AmeriCorps program. 



To add/remove/update information for an existing authorized staff member, select the corresponding role and check-box to indicate which action you wish to perform, and complete the form that follows. 

To add/remove/update additional authorized staff members, click on the link below the form and repeat the steps outlined above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the link to open additional forms appears only once and may require scrolling up to view and activate. It is not necessary to complete this form more than once to make multiple changes.

When you are finished with this section, please go on to the next page for instructions on the payment and certification forms.

If you need technical assistance with this form, please contact your OneStar Grants Officer.


By checking “Agree” and completing this form on behalf of the sub-grantee, I certify that  all information provided is complete, accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge and guarantee that I have been duly authorized by the sub-grantee to certify this information.

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