At the 2018 Summit, we released an analysis that identified the Grand Challenges that have the greatest potential for impact. We call these our catalysts. On October 17, we are hosting a workshop in New York City to explore collaborative approaches to addressing the catalysts related to school culture.

During the workshop, participants will dig into the analysis of the school culture problem space, and then identify and build out the opportunities prime for collaborative action that address the field’s most critical demands that the analysis uncovered. We aim to close the workshop with actionable next steps for partners to jointly and strategically tackle the school culture catalysts.

School Culture Catalysts Workshop Agenda

Partner Site Visits: Afternoon of Oct. 16 (optional)

Welcome Happy Hour: Oct. 16, 5pm-7pm (optional)

School Culture Catalysts Workshop: Oct. 17, 8am - 4pm (happy hour to follow)

On October 16, we will offer three afternoon site visits:

  • Bank Street Graduate School of Education: Participants will hear about two projects that support schools to build professional learning communities:
    • The Bank Street/NYSCI Instructional Coaching Program for Early Childhood Active STEM Learning program that supported K-1 educators’ STEM teaching through collaborative work with colleagues
    • The NY Network/Bank Street Education Center partnership that is working in NYS districts to build school-based professional communities of teacher leaders as a way to create instructional coherence that leads to meaningful classroom level improvements.
  • New Leaders: Participants will have an opportunity to learn about New Leaders’ suite of leadership training programs – supporting teacher leaders, principals, and leadership teams – and to see strong, shared leadership practices in action. In particular, the visit will showcase how an outstanding principal, supported by a stellar team of teacher leaders and other school leaders, has created a positive school culture and strong systems that foster meaningful teacher professional growth, collaboration, and leadership during the school day.

Have a question? Please reach out to Pomai Verzon at pomai@100Kin10.org.