Application Form IPT Courses 2019

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Declaration of the Applicant
By submitting this application form I confirm that all the information given in this form is correct and complete. I also confirm that I agree to the following conditions of participation: 
  • I am motivated, willing and available to engage in civilian peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities abroad. 
  • I will not arrive late or depart early.
  • I accept that the intensive character of the programme does not allow for any additional commitments during the time of the course.
  • I agree that an assessment of my performance during the course will be made. This assessment is for internal use only and will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • I understand that the training institution reserves the right to exclude the participant from the course in case information given in the form proves to be incorrect (i.e. insufficient language skills) or because of misconduct at the training site.
Privacy and Data Protection Note:

I agree and acknowledge that by applying to one or more courses of the IPT training programme, my personal data (including name, date and place of birth, mailing and e-mail address, education and employment, as well as portrait photos and photos of my passport) will be stored and used by the staff of the IPT training programme for the purposes of selection, evaluation, internal reference and information for the authorities (sponsors and visa authorities). I understand that my data are stored in a safe way in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Please attach below (in one file; file name should be your "first name, last name"):
  1. your curriculum vitae, 
  2. a recent photograph, 
  3. a copy/scan of the data page of your passport