New QikKids Applications

This application form is for clients to request QikKids Products and Services

Company / Entity name
The name of the entity that is purchasing the QikKids license. This will also end up being the name of your QikKids database.

Primary Contact for Licensee

QikKids Order Details

For QiKKids Web databases we require the names and contact details of the primary authorities who will have access to the centralised QikKids Web usernames and password.
Primary Authority 1 (If the same as above please re-enter information)
Primary Authority 2
QikKids Payments

QikKids Payments is QikKids easy to use facility fully integrated with our direct debit partner, Debitsuccess. All new databases are connected to the Debitsuccess platform to allow you to utilise this service and improve the management of your service.

There is no cost to have QikKids Payments and Debitsuccess set up on your database however transaction charges will apply based on usage.

Once your order is received we will contact you with further information to finalise the QikKids Payments and Debitsuccess services.

New Centre Information

Order confirmation and notes
To ensure that your request proceeds smoothly we ask that you confirm the following which have been deemed to be applicable to your application.
  1. You have requested a new License for QikKids Software
  2. You have reviewed and accepted the pricing the QikKids products on the QikKids website
  3. The authorised Licensee has acknowledged and agreed that they have read and understood the Software License and Hosting Terms and Conditions attached as an appendix to this document and agree to be bound by such terms.
  4. You are aware that your establishment fee covers up to one hour of database import work per centre and time beyond this may be billable.
  5. If you require data to be imported from your existing supplier, you acknowledge that QK will attempt to transfer as much as possible for you and that any information that does not successfully transfer across will be entered manually by the centre, not QK.
  6. You acknowledge that your Centre’s PC’s or Networks are not the responsibility of QikKids to maintain and are therefore not supported under the QikKids License fees. However, if you wish to engage our IT Services team for assistance, we can quote a price on application.
  7. You accept that the email addresses you have provided will be used for:
    1. Invoicing (to the QikKids Licensee Only)
    2. Support, scheduled maintenance and QK Technologies product information and services messages
  8. With migration of data for existing services, the information populated into your new QikKids database extracted from CCMS is limited to:
    1. Parent/Guardian Name, DOB, CRN for formal enrolments
    2. Child Name, DOB, CRN for formal enrolments
    3. Informal attendances (no parent/child details are returned for these attendances)
  9. QikPay incurs a charge of 16.5 cents per transaction (incl GST) from QK and there are additional transaction charges through our payment provider Debitsuccess which will be presented in the Debitsuccess agreement.
  10. You have read the systems requirements for running QikKids - QikKids Start Up Guide