Become a Producer at PROTO (India), ICFJ's implementing partner


Summary Sheet

Important: Only complete applications will be considered, which means applicants must complete all three pages.

This form is to apply for a Producer position at PROTO, ICFJ's Indian implementing partner. If you are looking to apply for an ICFJ Knight Fellowship at PROTO, please use this form: For more information on the ICFJ Knight Fellowships program, visit:

All applicants must select between the research, projects, advisory and skills hub roles. A proposal is required with all applications (see page 2 of the application form).

If you have any questions or problems with the online form, please contact Luisa Pires Luciano, Program Assistant, ICFJ Knight Fellowships, at for assistance.

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Personal Data
Primary Address

Professional Skills

How many years of professional experience do you have in each of the following. Some or all may apply to your position. (Please mark years as a whole number, such as 0, 1, 4, 7, etc.):

International Experience

Please score yourself in language proficiency, other than English, using the following scale:

1 = Elementary Proficiency-Able to satisfy routine travel needs and minimum courtesy requirements

2 = Limited Working Proficiency-Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements

3 = Minimum Professional Proficiency-Able to use language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most conversations on practical, social and professional topics

4 = Full Professional Proficiency-Able to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels pertinent to professional needs

5 = Native or Bilingual Proficiency-Equivalent to that of an educated native speaker


Professional References

Applicants are required to provide three references who can comment on the applicant’s journalistic, management and leadership qualifications, as well as his/her suitability for an assignment abroad (if relocation is needed).


Reference One
Reference Two
Reference Three


All applicants must submit a proposal.

Proposal tip: Longer is not necessarily better. Please be concise and clear. Help us understand your vision and be specific. If we feel it is a strong fit for our mission and goals, we will likely work with you to clarify and refine it further.

Proposal details:

Note: We may have already identified at least some targeted changes, partners, projects and resources. We still ask you to complete this to understand the vision you would bring as we consider you a position.

B. You are required to submit a proposal, which clearly and concisely answers the following questions: 

1. How will you approach achieving your goals (please include any strategies and main projects you envision, and which partners could be involved for each)?

2. Please provide a basic timeline for benchmarks, so we can get an idea for when you anticipate key results and what you will need to measure to determine success.

3. Who is tackling a similar problem and how would your approach be different?

4. What changes in journalism and news organizations will you target, and how will they be new and unique to journalism and news organizations in this part of the world?

5. What changes in society will you target?


Statement of Understanding

I confirm that all statements in this application are true.

Self-Identification (Optional)

ICFJ is committed to equal opportunity. For informational purposes only, you are invited to identify yourself in certain categories. Please note that you are under no obligation to complete this section. The information or decision not to provide information in this section will not be used as a factor in considering your application.