Captioning on Tour

Here at Paines Plough we’re passionate about bringing great theatre to everyone, but in 2015 we realised that there was a big gap in our programming for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Programming accessible performances on tour, where you have little control of the venue and we thought you’d have to transport huge LED screens up and down the country, felt like a daunting prospect. So we did some research, and the following year we bought 15 portable individual captioning units. We went from 0 to 72 captioned performances in our first year, and have never looked back.


We wanted to make sure that others knew how achievable it all is, so we've set up a Captioning on Tour Workshop and Q&A that we’ll be holding in Roundabout @ Summerhall this Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


As well as demonstrating everything that a portable closed captioning system has to offer, we will give you a chance to have a go at it yourself, followed by a Q&A looking at sourcing the equipment, integrating captioning as part of the creative process, communicating with tour venues, and finding the right captioning partner for you.

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