2019 National Festival - Forms due November 30

Instrumentation/Voicing Breakdown

Please indicate the total number of students in your ensemble in each of the following categories. Please note - this information can be approximated and is simply used to determine space and materials needed for master class sessions.

Additional Equipment Request

Please review the Supplied Equipment List and Information to determine what equipment will be available at each venue. (NOTE: Percussion ensemble rehearsals will be at Warren Central, and use the equipment from the Warren Central stage).

Music for All will make every attempt to supply any and all necessary equipment, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the performing ensemble to secure the needed instruments and equipment. Please consider the required logistics if you will be utilizing cumbersome or less available items.

Rehearsal Rooms at the JW Marriott will generally have a digital piano available for use.

Ex. Yamaha 4.3 octave marimba, 26" concert bass drum, etc.

Student Roster Submission

Music for All requests a roster of your ensemble's students so that we can print personalized certificates commemorating their Music for All National Festival experience. 

We request email addresses and home addresses so that we can communicate with them about special information and offers pertaining to Music for All's educational student programs. Please include these separate fields for each student: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Home Address, Home City, State, Zip Code, Graduation Year.

If possible, please also include parent names and email addresses we can communicate with them as well with information about their child's participation. Parent information is optional. 

**We understand certain school districts do not allow for the release of student contact information for privacy purposes. If you are in this situation, we ask that you still submit at least student first and last names so that we can still print certificates for your students.**

Please upload your roster in a Excel friendly format (.xlsx, .xls, or .csv). Other file extensions will not be accepted.