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Well-being Tools for Practitioners and Youth - Part 1 - Introduction 


Do you sometimes feel stressed at work, frustrated with co-workers or burnt out? In this training you will practice self-care and resilience skills and create a well-being plan to better navigate stress, improve work relationships and model well-being skills for co-workers and the youth in your OST program.


Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL THREE TRAININGS in the series and complete assignments in between trainings.


Please note the following dates for each module: By registering for this training, you are committing to all three dates.  After registering for this training, please go back to Prime Time's website and register for the other training dates in this series.


·        Well-being Tools for Practitioners - Part 1- Introduction 

           (Thursday, October 3, 2019)

·        Well-being Tools for Practitioners - Part 2- Modeling 

(Thursday, October 17, 2019)

·        Well-being Tools for Practitioners – Part 3- Life Skills for Youth  

(Friday, November 1, 2019)


Core Competencies Addressed

Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children/Youth:

5.A: Promote meaningful engagement, leadership and guidance of the children/youth – Entry Level and Level 1.

Core Knowledge Area – Professional Development and Leadership:

7.B: Integrate reflective practices and critical perspectives on personal performance, including goal setting – Entry Level and Level 1.

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