Submitting this form is the first step in applying to any digital skills training program! It indicates which training program you're interested in applying for. While completing this form is a necessary step towards beginning your application, it does not guarantee admission. 

Next steps will depend on which training program you wish to apply for. Please select the training program you'd like to apply to from the options below. Next, fill out your information to start the process. 

A guide to program levels:

Fundamentals - Introduction to Computers (beginner level)
Foundations - An exploration of different technology careers (introductory level)
Focus - A deeper dive into your favourite subject (intermediate level)
Futures - partner delivered programs that prepare you for careers in technology (advanced level)

If you are applying to any Foundations (Full exploratory, YVR, CAD, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, GIS/GPS) - please select Foundations (Exploratory/Introductions) below

On the next page, you will select the cohort that you'd like to submit your application for. Please note that follow up times will be slower for cohorts further in the future. 

The information that you provide to us will be kept secure and protected. If you have any concerns or questions while completing the forms please contact us at 236-838-9517 or The team at the Technology Council will support you with your application process every step of the way. 
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