High Holidays
High Holiday tickets will be pre-printed name badge inserts; lanyards will be available when you arrive for services. The name(s) that will appear on the insert(s) is/are indicated above. Should someone be using your badge inserts, please let us know so we can print the appropriate names on the inserts. 
Please note: A single insert is valid for any of the services; there is no longer a need to request service times. A Two Adult Household Membership will receive two inserts, and an Individual Household Membership will receive one insert. Children under 21 do not require a name badge. Requests can be made for additional inserts (at no charge) for children 21-26. Should you need additional inserts, please see "Additional Name Badges" section below. 
Personal Information
Please fill out name information for each individual who needs a ticket.

Names of Children of Members 21-26 Attending
Please list the names and birthdates of your children to receive additional inserts at no charge.

Additional Name Badges for Family Members

Machzor/Prayer Book
The Central Conference of American Rabbis recently published a new machzor called Mishkan HaNefesh, a Machzor for the Days of Awe. Order your set for $45 and we will notify you when they are available for pick up. Please note that all worshippers will need their own set for High Holiday services (except the Chavurah Services and Family Services). 

Memorial Book
The coming High Holiday season brings with it memories of families and friends praying together, past joys, and the sadness of recalling those loved ones who are no longer with us. During the High Holiday season, you have the opportunity to memorialize your loved ones and honor their memory by inscribing their names in Beth Emet's Yizkor Memorial Book. The deadline is Wednesday, August 29, 2018. 

Babysitting is $10 per child, per service. Advance registration is required.

For Worshippers with Special Needs

Please indicate request of service times for both seating and parking:
Sponsorship & Volunteer Opportunities


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