Unlocked Application Form - Registration

Thank you for your interest in applying to Unlocked.

The first two pages of this application process ask you for some personal details and information regarding your eligibility to apply to the programme. On page three you will be asked to write answers to three questions related to our attributes so that we can find out more about you and your motivations. The fourth and final page is for data collection purposes only.

We will only share your information with trusted third parties where relevant and necessary, and as laid out in our privacy policy. For more details on our privacy policy and how we use your data, please visit our website
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About you

Please tell us what name you would like us to use in our correspondence with you. For example, if your first name is 'Robert' but you would preferred to be called 'Bob' please enter this.

Please include an email address that you will have regular access to between now and July 2019. If you have already signed up on the website, please use the same email address here.

If you are currently studying at university, please put the region where you live during term time. We will use this information to invite you to events in your region.

Your eligibility
Please note that this information will be seen by an assessor and we will verify any eligibility requirements if you are made a conditional offer to the programme. 

If you do not hold this qualification, you are not eligible to apply to the programme.

If you do not hold this qualification, you are not eligible to apply to the programme.

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from candidates who do not have an undergraduate degree from a UK university or approved equivalent overseas qualification.

You must have completed your degree and be available to start the programme in July 2019 in order to apply this year.

If you have already completed training to be a prison officer, you are not eligible to apply to Unlocked Graduates.