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Innovation in Action Workshop Application

Workshop Team

Teams may include up to six people (including the primary point person). Please list the following information for each member of the team who will attend the workshop. Note that the list of people does not need to be final at the time you apply. We encourage teams to consider co-creation in selecting team members to attend.

Primary Point Person

Team Member

You may add up to five (5) additional team members. To add more team members, click the "Add another response" link at the end of this section.

Program Description
Please read all the questions before responding and be sure to answer all parts of each question. Please keep your responses concise: the world limit for each question is 200 words.

IDEAS Impact Framework Guiding Principles

The following questions are related to the IDEAS Impact Framework Guiding Principles. Please visit the website for more information about each.

The IDEAS Framework strives to achieve a high degree of precision in the development and evaluation process. We are looking for teams interested in generating knowledge about how a program works, who benefits most (and least), and in what contexts.

Fast-Cycle Iteration
The IDEAS Framework approach to fast-cycle iteration begins with relatively small-scale studies to establish feasibility and begin to explore a program’s theory of change. Each cycle is an opportunity to make refinements, incorporate learning, and move toward higher levels of evidence at an accelerated pace.

Co-creation refers to bringing together different parties to produce a mutually-valued outcome. The IDEAS Framework approach to co-creation brings together researchers, practitioners, and/or community members to develop, implement, and test new ideas.

Shared Learning
The Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) network is a community of innovation, with opportunities for learning across projects and sites.

Additional Information

The following two questions are designed to help us better understand the reach and impact of our own work. Your responses to these two questions will NOT be factored into workshop admission decisions.

Scholarship Information
The fee for participation in the three-day event is $6,000 per team of 3-6 people. This fee is intended to help the Center on the Developing Child cover the costs associated with the workshop. FOI has a limited amount of funding to support project teams that are unable to pay the full fee.

If you feel that your financial circumstances might qualify you for a scholarship, your team can request one by responding to the questions below. Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee acceptance to the workshop, nor does it guarantee a scholarship. Should your team be accepted into the workshop, you will be notified of any scholarship awards in your acceptance letter. If you seek and are awarded funding from other sources, we ask that you notify us of your award.