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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia


All Questions are compulsory

This application form is for Award Centres and Project Delivery Partners of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia who are seeking financial assistance for individuals or groups of young people - who are marginalised, disadvantaged and/or living with a disability - to do their Award. Funding sought can be applied to such costs as Award registration, activity expenses, including Adventurous Journey costs, and staff support/administration.


Please enter the full Award Centre name as it appears in the Online Record Book.
2. Authorised Signatory

Note: the Authorised Signatory is the person that can sign on behalf of the applying organisation (e.g. Principal).

This person's name will appear on the Terms and Conditions document.

3. Postal Address

4. Postal Address v Physical Address

5. Physical Address

Use this website to find your ABN (https://abr.business.gov.au/). Please DO NOT select "Department of Education".
7. Award Leader details

e.g. family experiencing financial hardship, low SES area in a remote community, etc.

Participant Details

Please note: All Participants must be registered online through the Online Record Book by 1st April, 2019. The Participant names entered below will be checked in the Online Record Book prior to the release of any funds, should this application be successful.
Please complete the table below with details of the Participants intended to receive funding should this application be successful:
Personal Details

e.g. School Card/Centrelink/Other


20. Please complete the below table to itemise funding requirements

Please note the below funding guidelines in each part. All Costs are to be GST Inclusive

Registration Support (basic)
Please note:
  • Registration support cannot exceed the RRP for registrations set by the relevant State/Territory office (Division)
Adventurous Journey (basic)

Please note:
  • Adventurous Journey funding can be used to hire equipment; it should not be used for the purchase of equipment unless hire options are not available.

  • Adventurous Journey funding cannot be used for overseas travel. Interstate travel may be considered if local options are not available. Local options are the strong preference.  

Please select one option only
Other Activity Support/ non-Adventurous Journey (resource)

Please note: 
  • Other Activity Support refers to funding used for activities undertaken as part of the regular Sections of the Award (Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation) and the Gold Residential Project Section.

Hold down the 'command' or 'control' key to select multiple values
Staff or Carer Support (resource)

Please note: 

  • Staff Support costs can be claimed for relief staff where and when staff are allocated to accompany Participants for their Adventurous Journey or Gold Residential Project Sections.

  • Staff Support costs can also be claimed for relief staff where or when staff are required to attend any Award Training run by a State Award Operating Authority.

  • Carer Support costs can be claimed for carers where Participants have high or additional support needs e.g. social, physical, behavioural, and mental challenges

Intensive Support eg disability  (intensive)
Please note: 
  • Intensive Support costs can be claimed where the Participants are high risk or living with profound disability.

22. Outline your proposed key activity timetable *
Key Project Timeline


Please ensure you have read all the information at www.dukeofed.com.au/resources/funding-assistance/ before submitting this application.