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Community K's
Throughout the month of February the CB Nordic community will be tracking kilometers skied around a 5k set course. 

A goal of 4,800 kilometers (1000 laps) has been set for our community to collectively ski this course.
You may support our fundraising efforts by pledging a monetary donation via one of the pledge submission methods below.

Calculated kilometer based pledges will be charged to your credit card the first week of March.
( you have the option to place a cap on the total amount you wish to donate)


$0.01/k = $48
$0.05/k = $240
$0.10/k = $480
$0.25/k = $1,200
$1.00/k = $4,800
 Alternatively, you may motivate a CBNT athlete to maximize their individual kilometers skied.
Ask your specific athlete what Kilometer goal they've set for themselves to ski during the month of February.
Athlete Pledge
Pledge an amount toward an individual athlete.


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