Engaged Cornell Supplemental Application (Academic Venture Fund)

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Academic Venture Fund Supplemental Grants support undergraduate participation in cutting-edge, community-engaged projects funded by the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

For more information, including examples of previous recipients, see the Academic Venture Fund Supplemental Grants (right click to open in a new tab) page on the Engaged Cornell website. Contact engagedcornell@cornell.edu with any questions or concerns.

Supplemental grants will not exceed $10,000 per program for one year, and extending awards will align with ACSF's policies.

Allowable expenses:

Student support:
  • travel, meals, lodging associated with research conducted off campus;
  • direct costs incurred by students while conducting research;
  • participation in conferences and/or workshops;
  • costs of publication;
  • systems that support the student research experience (software, enrollment in online training, etc.);
  • wages for students (work study or other). Information about Cornell student employment is available on line at:

Provide budget justification that is aligned directly with budget categories (maximum: 2,500 characters with spaces)