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Thank you for your interest in hosting one or more Social Innovation Fellows!

Fellows are current college students who will receive a full semester of credit from their home institution for participation in our Semester in the City program. Social Innovation Fellows will receive intensive training and support through College for Social Innovation during an initial orientation and throughout the semester.

Before completing this application, please review information about Hosting a Social Innovation Fellow.

Through this application, we are seeking to understand how your organization would utilize and support one or more Social Innovation Fellows, as well as gather enough information to facilitate excellent match(es) with one or more of our cohort of Social Innovation Fellows. We understand that circumstances may change between now and the start of the internship placement. Please complete this application to the best of your ability using your current information and thinking. 

We have streamlined this application as much as possible to get the information we need. Please feel free to use bullet points rather than prose wherever helpful.

Application Deadline: April 9, 2019

If you have any questions or run into any issues while completing this application, please contact
Marissa Rodriguez, Program Director for Internships:

Organizational Overview

Basic Information

Office Address

Don't forget to add specifics such as Suite Number

Who is the best person to discuss this application with and serve as the primary point of contact for your organization?

Organizational Information

Approved By

Organizational Details

(1000 character limit)

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Keep in mind where the Fellow will be placed if it is not at the same site as you

Fellowship Overview and Mentor Details

In this section, you will provide preliminary information on the Fellowship role(s) your organization can offer and the Mentors who will support the Fellows in these roles. We understand that organizational needs may change. We encourage customization of tasks and projects with individual Fellows once matched. This section is to give our Team a sense of the types of learning opportunities you have available, which will aid in the selection and matching process. 

Note: You must submit a separate position and special project (below) description for each Fellow you're applying for

Fellow Position Details 

How will you refer to the Fellow when you introduce them? (E.g. Social Media Coordinator, Research Assistant, Etc.). Please note, we may change these titles to align across the cohort.

E.g., Fellow needs to be able to read and write in Spanish.

Mentor Contact Information

Mentor Desire and Qualifications

Please include reference to the proposed Mentor's skills as a manager or peer/project leader.

Position Specifics

As part of their learning experience, Fellows should spend approximately 10% of their time  participating in professional development or observation, approximately 40% of their time
on a Special Project, and approximately 50% of their time on general tasks. The questions in this section ask you to detail how each of those time allotments will be spent and are integral to selection and matching. 

Select all that apply

Special Projects all share the following characteristics:
  • Project meets a real need for the organization -- not just “make work”
  • Fellow takes the lead in planning and implementation
  • Fellow has an opportunity for real responsibility, real success and real failure
  • Project goals and objectives are clearly articulated
  • Produces a product that can be evaluated by both the Mentor and a member of the CfSI staff Team to contribute to cross-cohort parity for internship grades

"General Tasks" and capacity building will encompass at least half of the Fellows time. This means assisting with any tasks that provide a learning opportunity for the Fellow while contributing to the function of the organization broadly.

Unlike the special projects, Fellows are welcome to serve in an assistive capacity during their General Task time, for example: 
  • Tutoring students one on one (direct service)
  • Staffing tables at outreach events (outreach and communication)
  • Weeding vegetables in a community garden (direct service)
  • Helping to plan for an annual fundraising gala (program planning and design)
  • Assisting with a mailing for an annual appeal (computer/administrative)
  • Running attendance reports for an event (data and evaluation)

Select all that apply

Placement Considerations

To aid us in selection and placement of Fellow's, please rate the statements below to give us a sense of your organization's priorities. 
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree