Early Grade Request Form

Early Grade Request Deadline: September 29, 2023

Early Grade Information

Without an early grade request, all student grades will be available by close of business on December 13, 2023. If grades are required before this date, this form must be filled out by the CAMPUS LIAISON so early grades can be accommodated. If you are a student, please send this form to your liaison to fill out. 

Depending on the date that the grade is needed, arrangements may need to be made to complete Career Readiness and Course assignments early so that the student's grade can be submitted on time.

It is the INTERN’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that:
  • They complete the assignments necessary in time for their grades to be sent to his/her college/university.
  • All outstanding balances for which the intern is responsible have been paid.
  • This form is filled out by the Campus Liaison before the deadline.
Evaluations will be transmitted via email by COB on the requested date to the campus liaison. 
Liaison Information

Student Information
Please fill out a separate form for each student who requires an early grade. If all of your students need an early grade, please select the option in the above section. 

Please contact Enrollment Services at info@twc.edu OR contact your school's Institutional Partnership Manager here at TWC if you have any questions