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College Horizons is a college admissions workshop that assists students with the college application/financial aid process and teaches them how to be a competitive candidate. The program serves American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students in grades 10 and 11. Students will develop their list of schools to apply to, complete the Common Application, write drafts of their college essay, understand the financial aid process, complete scholarship searches, and receive test-taking strategies on the ACT/SAT. College Horizons is intended for college-bound students (with a minimum 3.00 GPA in core academic subjects) and is not a remedial, bridge, alternative or academic supplementary program. Questions: Amelia Caté, Program Associate, 505-414-0249, apply@collegehorizons.org.

Please note: This form is for counselors. If you are a teacher who was given this link by accident, you can access the Teacher Recommendation Form here.
Applicant's Info

Counselor and School Info

What percent of your seniors typically go to the following?

The school profile used when submitting applications to colleges/universities.

Academic Background

How many unexcused tardies/absence days has the student accumulated during this academic year thus far?

Testing Info
Please provide standardized test scores (i.e. ASPIRE, ACT, PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests). Raw scores, not percentiles, please, if not listed on transcript.

Test Name and Date Composite Score Sections
Test Info
Test Info
Test Info
Test Taking Center Information

Student Rating and Evaluation

No Basis Below Avg (1) Average (2) Good-Above Average (3) Excellent -  Top 10% (4) Exceptional - Top 1% (5)
No Basis Below Avg (1) Average (2) Good-Above Average (3) Excellent - Top 10% (4) Exceptional - Top 1% (5)

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