2019 Songwriting Exercise

Extensive songwriting experience is not required for this internship. In the past, we've had experienced songwriters and people who had never written before. As this is a collaborative experience, each person will bring diverse skills to the table but each person will also be stretched to create in new and different ways. This exercise is an opportunity for us to see how you can engage with this process. We are not looking for the best or most complete song, but for you to test your skills for the context of this internship.
Using the text of Isaiah 58, write a congregational worship song. Because of differing levels of experience, we do not expect each applicant to submit a complete song. For example, this could look like:
1. Written lyrics with corresponding melody
2. A completed chorus with words, melody, and chords.
3. A full song with lyrics, melody, and chords.
Highlight the gifts that you hope to bring in this process. Most importantly, don't stray from the assignment. Use the given text as the foundation for your lyrics. Write a song that is meant for the congregational worship context. Focus on writing singable melodies. Gravitate towards communal language like "we" and "us" rather than "I" and "me." This should not simply be a personal reflection on the passage but something that can be sung and expressed communally. We look forward to hearing your submissions!