Urban Doxology Songwriting Internship Application

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About East End Fellowship
East End Fellowship is a multi-ethnic, economically diverse Christian church in the east end of Richmond, seeking God's joy and justice for the neighborhood out of love for Jesus Christ. 

We worship together corporately on Sundays at 4pm where we sing, pray, and hear God's Word taught.

We walk together in smaller and mid-sized gatherings throughout the week that focus on discipleship, prayer, and mutual encouragement and support - building relationships across cultural and ethnic lines.

We work together for the joy and justice of our neighborhood through existing ministries and through civic associations, neighborhood investment, and relationships.

About Arrabon and Urban Doxology
Urban Doxology is a ministry of Arrabon, an organization that equips and empowers Christians to effectively engage in reconciliation. Urban Doxology promotes justice and reconciliation for the Church across racial and socio-economic lines through worship music and trainings.

This ministry helps Christian communities shape their culture in such a way that:

- The image dei in each person is affirmed

- Diverse cultural expressions are valued

- Relationships of mutuality are created and cultivated

- All members are actively working to restore the brokenness of our divided past and are seeking the shalom (wholeness) of God

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Please answer these questions with about 25-50 words 

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Participation Expectations
Interns are expected to:
  • Reside in Church Hill for the duration of the 8-week internship.
  • Fully participate in the study program. This involves reading assignments, thoughtful participation in discussions, submitting response papers, and weekly blogging.
  • Attend all lectures, writing sessions, rehearsals, and meetings daily and on time.
  • Engage in cultivating relationships with their host families, fellow interns, and the East End Fellowship worshipping community.
  • Write music in a structured environment.
  • Participate in a level of fund development (necessary training and support will be provided).
  • Complete all tasks as assigned by Program Director.
Study Program Requirements

Interns are expected to:
  • Read around 125-150 pages of text per week. Reading materials will be provided. There will be some pre-arrival reading material required as well.
  • Submit weekly blogging assignment on time - in written or video format.
  • Bring a laptop, iPad, or other device with recording capabilities that can be used for note-taking and has the ability to access the internet.
Residential Requirements

Interns are required to:
  • Live in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA for the duration of the internship. Interns will be provided housing with "host families." Host families are usually members of the East End Fellowship worshipping community.
  • A car is not required, but interns are encouraged to bring a car if they are able.
  • Host families (and other community members) may provide some meals, but interns should be prepared to buy groceries and cook, or eat out, for the majority of their meals.
Fundraising Requirements

Interns are required to:
  • Engage in fundraising efforts prior to and during their time in Church Hill. Interns will be paid $1500 regardless of fundraising outcomes. However, they will be trained to share their experiences and invite people to invest in the internship in appropriate ways during the summer.

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In applying for this internship, I pledge to fulfill the following:
  • To be willing to be a part of this experience by retaining a flexible and willing spirit and by being open to new things.
  • To work with staff to make the project a success.
  • To evaluate it afterward to help future participants have a better experience.
  • To put in the agreed upon number of hours per week with the program, and to work hard as unto the Lord.
  • To submit to the guidance and policies of the agency and/or supervisors with whom I am placed, the director of the internship, and the consensus of the other interns. I understand that I will be living in community. I will be flexible with regard to my living arrangements.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your application!