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CityBridge Education Entrepreneur Cohort
2019 Application
Deadline: January 17, 2019

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Personal Information

Optional: Demographics

The questions in the following section are entirely optional and any information provided will have no impact on the selection process.

Background in Education

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Background

All open-ended questions have a 100 word limit.

School Vision

For this portion, you can either: 
1. Answer the following questions in the spaces provided on the next page; or 
2. Upload a pre-existing document with content that addresses the following questions (you may upload up to three documents to answer all of the questions).

  • What is the problem that you want to address?
  • Who faces this problem?
  • What is your idea for a school and how will it address the problem?
  • In what ways will your school address inequity?
  • What tangible actions have you taken to test your solution?

School Vision

School Vision

All open-ended questions on this page have a 100 word limit.

School Vision

Join a Founding Team

All open-ended questions have a 100 word limit.

Additional Documents