IPUL Arts Application - Artist in Residence

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Information about you

Residency Information: Location
         Location information

          Contact information

Residency Information: Statistics

Program Description

Page 2 - Information and Acknowledgements 

Standards, Goals, and Objectives

Residencies must all include the following Idaho State standards for Arts and Humanities:


1.    Communicate in humanities disciplines through creative expression

2.    Communicate in humanities discipline through application of knowledge and skills.


Goals and objectives for your residency must include:


·        Increased access to the arts for students with disabilities

·        Increased artistic skills of participants

·        Increased social skills of participants

·        Improved teaching skills of professionals (teachers, artists and paras)

·        Increase participants’ awareness of the importance of and need for inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts


Promotion Requirement

Example statement, with images: 

Grant amounts are $1000. This includes supplies, mileage and salary of artist.

Additional allotments up to $500 can be requested for travel or special projects involving a residency and are subject to approval prior to start date.



Please complete ALL paperwork in a professional and timely manner.


Pre-residency you will need to complete:


  • The current IPUL Arts application (this form)

New teaching artists will need to provide:

  1. A resume.  
  2. A biography, work history and support materials.
  3. A letter stating his/her intent to work with the project. 
  4. A W-9 tax form.
  5. Submit to a background check. 

        Post-residency, you are required to submit the following:


        • The Final Report form
        • The Teacher Report form


        What is expected from the final report:


        •         You will be asked to summarize the project as it actually occurred, and how that differed from your proposal, if it did. 
        •         You will be asked to restate your goals and objectives, and to state to what extent they were met.
        •         You will be asked to summarize any problems that occurred (if they did) and how they were overcome.
        •         You will be asked to discuss the teacher and staff you worked with in the school setting, and describe if they have been able to impliment the art ideas / techniques you provided with students.
        •         You will be asked how you were able to tie the residency to the needs of your students as they pertain to the student’s IEP.
        •         You will be asked to describe how you were able to tie the residency to the core curricula / 21st Century skills. (Humanities concepts, Historical relevance, etc.)
        •         You will be asked to provide final numbers, as from above in the “Residency Information: Statistics” section of the application.  

        Three Photos of the residency must be included in final reports. You will need to obtain photo release forms from anyone you photograph whose faces are visible in the picture.  – You will need to attach photo release forms with your final report.

        A final showcasing of your residency is required.

        You will need to describe the culminating event for the project. (A performance, art show, reception etc.) As well as who was in attendance (student body, parents, public etc.).

        Please include how the program was publicized. (Student newspaper, flyers, radio, invitations to parents and so on). 

        Support and Communication

        Support and communication


        During the process of applying, conducting and finalizing your residency communication with our staff is extremely important.


        Please let us know if you encounter any challenges or stumbling blocks in the course of your residency. Each residency is unique and we are here to support and assist you.  


        Should the circumstance arise that you have difficulty or are unable to complete these requirements, please relay information immediately to the Arts Program Coordinator Heather Kirk at 342-5884 x104 or residency@ipulidaho.org.


        Failure to do so may result in a reduction in the amount of your residency salary. 


        You agree to abide by the following regulations:

        1. All funds will be expended according to the proposal request.
        2. Artists will be paid upon completion of residency
        3. Residency will take place as written in this application unless otherwise approved by Idaho Parents Unlimited.
        4. Preference will be given to residencies with 12+ students receiving special education or on 504 plans.
        5. A minimum of 10 hours of direct teaching will occur by the artist in the designated classroom. (Unless otherwise approved.)
        6. All required paperwork must be submitted within an appropriate amount of time.

        I understand that the award may be forfeited should I fail to do this.